Progress Report of Cyber Society v1.0 Development as A Learning Media for Indonesian Society to Support EFA

Nuur Wachid Abdul Majid, Syifaul Fuada, Muhammad Khoirul Fajri, Muhammad Nurtanto, Robby Akbar


In this paper, we present the progress in developing the Cyber Society (CS) v.1.0, which is a prototype of intelligent learning concepts that can be employed in the 21st century and become the future-proof technology. This paper is a continuation of the previous work that discussed there a high-possible to develop specific e-learning for Indonesian society to support Education for All (EFA); therefore, this work will focus on the realization of our idea. It will start from “analysis” to the “evaluation” steps. The discussion of this paper comprises of (1) analyzing the needs and minimum requirements of the CS prototype; (2) designing; (3) developing, and (4) evaluating the CS prototype. Once the CS has been developed, then, we evaluated the CS website v1.0 using the black-box method; it shows that the system but-tons can be run well as expected. Later, we tested its Usability through the SUS questionnaire that obtained from 50 participants, we got eighty (80) of the mean score. According to the SUS measurement, the feasibility of CS website v1.0 can be categorized as follows: (1) Promoter NPS; (2) Acceptable; (3) Excellent Adjective; and (4) A- Grade. This work has usefulness in developing modern teaching & learning patterns. Moreover, it is expected to be a medium of online-based learning with real-time concepts without any limitations on time, age, and distance. Our system can be used as a reference model in developing future technology-based learning media.


Intelligent learning, Cyber society, MOOCs

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International Journal of Engineering Pedagogy (iJEP) – eISSN: 2192-4880
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