Virtual Laboratory and Mobile Devices as a Support Tool for the Teaching-Learning Processes of Physics in Pandemic Times

Gustavo Alberto Chiodi, Aaron Jose Soutadet, Maria Alejandra Bosio


The COVID-19 pandemic forced universities to close their doors creating the largest disruption of education systems in history. It was necessary to find new ways and new alternatives to classical teaching methods. This paper presents the proposal made by the Faculty of Engineering of the Catholic University of Cordoba (UCC) for the continuity of practical laboratory work in the teaching of Physics. To this end, the data obtained from a survey of university students at the end of the academic year 2020 are analyzed. The survey covers first-year students, as well as students from higher education who took Physics I under the classroom modality. It should be noted that the number of students in the Faculty of Engineering of the UCC is very small to obtain conclusive results in a first research, therefore, the authors consider that the project is at an introductory stage that, in the future, will continue to pursue. So far, the results showed that the application of Physics laboratory experiences through simulation can become an excellent tool to facilitate students' understanding of abstract and complex concepts in the face of lack of presence.


Virtual labs, Physics teaching, education in pandemic times

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