Mobile e-Governance in Cloud

Kujtim Mustafa, Isak Shabani


We are living in the era of internet and smartphones. Almost everybody in developing countries has at least one smartphone or connection to the internet through any other mobile device. So developing mobile software for the people or government is a big chance to make people life easier. The time has become a very important factor for which you can’t even pay for extra time, so making life easier for those people who don’t have time is big chance not losing it. All the data that are generated from the software or services is the best match to store those data on cloud, with which we don’t care about privacy and protection, availability to access them, manipulation of them and so on. In this paper, we describe how this newly emerged paradigm of cloud computing can be helpful for mobile e-Governance. Using cloud of course has a cost, but if you can’t give the same conditions that cloud gives, it is best choice to store the data on cloud. If we use cloud you don’t have to pay for all the IT staff who cares about the data, servers, databases, networks, with those money you can pay for cloud services. We start by an introduction about the cloud and e-Government, continuing with what the benefits and challenges of the e-Government and cloud are computing, the relationship of e-Government and cloud computing, mobile e-Governance in cloud and some examples of some countries that are using mobile e-Government in cloud.
Keywords: e-Government, e-Governance, Cloud Computing, Mobile, Data Storage

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